Raising a Startup is easier when you have Data

You might thing that this statement is a given but you can’t imagine how many enthusiastic new managers enroll in creating and developing new business ideas only based on passions and personal hunches. in no way I’m saying that they are going to fail because doing What you love is a great bonus in a business but a more pragmatic approach would be recommended. Such way of doing things is based on facts, and facts are very hard to be obtained at the beginning of something new. This period is considered to be the most unstable because of all the possible directions and turn-arounds that can be made.

In such an unstable environment, planning a budget can implode for countless reasons: ┬ámaybe you will never raise up to your goals, or you can’t predict successes, or shift your focus. Yet data still can (and most definitely should) be used when planning any budget.

The keyword for correctly evaluate a budget is research, and for that several steps need to be made to reach a conclusive result.


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The first step that needs to be taken to correctly make a evaluation is to identify companies in the same area as yours. They may be bigger or even smaller but because of your data is not usable because of its unsuitability you require to use other companies numbers.

Next what you want to do is to correctly understand why their numbers are the way they are, because your company is different, (in location, in products, in age etc.) and try to predict what would your profit be if you had other solutions. Practically you have to establish a relationship between your company and a similar one.

The final step may be split in two, but it’s so simple that I don’t think it will be a problem for anyone: basically all you have to do is to plot the results, and analyze the graph. It may look simple but a wrong analysis can have dramatic consequences, so special attention is required.

Raising a start-up is the hardest but also the most beautiful part in having a business, and so I recommend trying it no matter what. point out valuable weaknesses in your budget while giving you a clear roadmap for how to plan for the future.For further information with detailed steps on how to conduct a market research you can further refer Google and for analytics solutions and data scrapping needs our company, TheWebMiner can manage any special requirements that your project have.