LinkedIn Tricks To Get More Out Of Your Profile

Almost every professional is using LinkedIn nowadays because of its capacity to centralize a serious, work related environment in which content like social posts, distractions like commercials or hazardous pictures don’t ┬ábelong and aren’t welcomed. The power of LinkedIn consists of a well built network of over 364 millions of users having common goals like hiring, finding a job or smart marketing a certain position or a company.

Although the company has a well established position on the market certain slip-ups exist only for the soul purpose of promoting intelligent and unconventional individuals. An example is that of messaging a user with no connection established: the main profile says that it requires a professional account but going around doesn’t seem so bad either. You only have to find a group in which you are both members, click the number of members in the upper right corner, find the person manually and just click on ‘send a message’ button. It’s that simple and it is also effective.

Another effective trick that you can use to view up to one hundred profiles a day is to shop up in a person’s ‘who’s viewed your profile’ list and show them you’re interested in talking. All you have to do now is to view the rest of ninety nine profiles. You can also find the number of connections of someone by clicking the blue magnifying glass and then on 500+ after searching a person.

There is a considerable number of people who use this professional social network in their work related activities and so they have the option of exporting all the email addresses of all the connections they have by clicking Export LinkedIn Connections in Advance Settings panel. You can also select the format in which you want them exported. Another nice trick if your job requires you to be connected here, you can always automate your group posts by using third party applications like where you can set up your posts and become a leader within a group.

There are many other available hacks for this 2003-launched social network and most of them are summed up below but that doesn’t mean others can’t exist, so now I think, maybe it’s time to check your LinkedIn profile!