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4 ways to know when a website was updated

We all know that there is a lot of information going around on the internet and sometimes can be hard to browse through all kinds of pages containing misleading information, so it’s only better if you can correctly identify if the content was recently updated or it’s just a post from the beginning of the internet.


1. You can see the year in the copyright footer:



2. You can check its last update in the web time-machine:



3. You can try to identify an associated blog and check the last blog entry:


4. The last method is to search on Google the website and to check the date of the last change in search results.


I’m hoping that you will use one of this methods if you have any uncertainties about any online information.

Data science automates love

Tinder App is nothing new for anybody since most of us slowly accepted it in our lives but it also brings some displeasure. For instance, this guy¬†thought that it can automate the process in the way of an app that decides if you’d like a person and start a conversation.

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