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How to use Byobu with PuTTY or MTpuTTY

We often run multiple task on the same server… and while ago we have used screening to manage multiple tasks/screens on server. Now we use Byobu because it’s simple to use.  With Byobu the challenge is to setup function keys to work with your windows SSH client. After we try many ssh clients and many setups we discovered a perfect match between MTPuTTY ( who usees PuTTY ) and Byobu.

How to setup PuTTY to work well with Byobu:

Setup Keyboard in PuTTY config:

Terminal -> Keyboard -> The Function keys and keypad -> SELECT Xterm R6

Setup PuTTY connection:

Connection -> Data -> SET Terminal-type string AS xterm

This is all 🙂

I hope that is useful for you and you can avoid complications.


Big Data as a part of your life

For those of you who aren’t convinced yet that Big Data infiltrates more and more in our daily lives i have one more proof that data science is the future of all sciences and has the power of interconnecting all branches of life. it’s not a fast process, replacing conventional methods of taking decisions with ones more analytically but certainly the small steps we are taking are headed in that direction.


Although the improvement was of only 12% Los Angeles took a giant leap last week when they announced that after a effort of more than 30 years of local authorities they managed to synchronize and adapt to traffic conditions all the red light signals in the 4 millions residents city, making this an experiment we will all have something too learn in the near future.

Research engineers in state DOT explained that synchronizing traffic light is only a small step in decongesting the traffic and this is why they are more focused on studying the habit of the drivers. Since the ’80s they anonymously gathered data, first through a network of cables and sensors placed into the roads, called loop wires and more recently, as the technology evolved, they used toll bots to calculate average speed of cars or wireless sensors to detect number of people in the car, by the number of phones inside and their behaviors.

The next step, traffic researchers say will be to find a way to communicate with the car itself for gathering of data and ultimately to provide real time feedback for congested streets, alternative routes or energy management tips. Last but not least, improving public transportation must be a priority in every form it can be found, and also implementing new ways like modular self driving cars, linked together for a common road portion, all for better management of transportation.