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What are you looking at?

When you open a new website, what do you first look at? Do you think is the same thing that i look at, or any other person? You may be tempted to say no, that we are different persons with different interest so we don’t look at the same things but science research tends to disagree with that affirmation.

Recently, more and more companies that study visitors behavior on web sites appeared, and one of them, EyeQuant, also affiliated with Google has just published the results of a study in which 46 subjects were requested to browse over 200 sites. The result came as a surprise, in the benefit of the company because it turns out what people are really interested in. First of all against the popular belief people aren’t that interested in faces or large font writings but rather in small sets of text and instruments that are available on the first page.

Also another interesting idea came out from the analysis of sites that were offering something free. Although economically it’s almost impossible to beat something free, it seems like people are not that interested in big adverts of free stuff.

So, in conclusion here is some important information that you shouldn’t skip if you plan on launching your own internet company. We’re not saying that otherwise you will fail but it’s always better to know your customers a little bit better than they know themselves!

AB test with Google Analytics

An AB test it’s a comparison between two versions of the same page (this testing method is often used in online marketing). With this type of test you can measure what version of a page produces more conversions.

Google Analytics has a powerful tool for AB testing. This tool does all parts of AB testing, including visit balancing over versions of pages (distributes visits to each page version), data registering, reporting and decision.

For doing an AB test with Google Analytics you need to do the following steps:

1. Build an alternative page for your original page (page you want to test it)

2. Registering this experiment in Google Analytics section Content/Experiment

3. Put the code of experiment only in the original version of page.

You can find more details here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1745147?ref_topic=1745207&rd=1