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Employee vs Entrepreneur

Employee vs Entrepreneur

All of us have wondered, at one time or another, what route to take after graduating university. Although the majority has decided to work within a company, there are some students who are willing to take the road to entrepreneurship.

For those who haven’t yet decided what to do after university, I took an interview with an employee and one with an entrepreneur in order to share two different perspectives.

Teodora Lungu, HR Assistant, Bigstep Cloud

Could you tell us more about the company you work for?
„The company offers cloud computing services for the big data companies.”

Why did you choose Bigstep?
„It was related with the subjects studied during university. The size of the company was another criterion. Within a large company you aren’t able to make the same impact as in a smaller one. Here, your contribution matters more.”

Why being an employee and not a freelancer or an entrepreneur?
„Because, first of all, I want to know more about the challenges that a company faces. I want to learn from the mistakes of others because no matter how well-organized the company that you work for is, the mistakes can still be made.”

Please tell me some things that you like regarding your employee status.
„As I told you before, within a company you have the opportunity to learn from the ones around you. And even more, you have the chance to come across a mentor, a person who can help you grow not only professionally, but also personally. Another advantage is the sense of stability. Also, working within a company gives you the opportunity to interact with many people, therefore you can easily extend your interpersonal network.”

Could you tell us some things that you don’t like?
„Of couse. Working as an employee gives you less freedom regarding the development of your own vision. You must follow the rules. Another disadvantage is that you can’t choose your collegues and your boss.”

What piece of advice would you give to someone who has recently graduated and wants to work within a company?
„To know what he really likes to do. In Romania the labor market gives you many opportunities. Volunteering is also very important.”

Adrian Balcan, 27 years, Founder of TheWebMiner and FeedCheck

Could you tell us more about your products?
„The Web Miner Geo is a search engine for geographic data that indicates on the map the points of interest for the companies that are willing to open new locations. FeedCheck is a product that collects the reviews from different online stores. It saves them on a database in order to be analyzed by the companies and help them improve their products.”

What it is really like to be an entrepreneur?
„It is very interesting! You are facing challenges every single day, you come across different situations and you must find the right solutions. There are also a lot of opportunities because being an entrepreneur gives you the chance to interact with people from the same networks.”

How did you decide to take this road less traveled, the road of entreprenuership?
„I wanted to become an entrepreneur from an early age. I discovered the benefits of entrepreneurship based on software products. The ideea is that you make a product once, and you can sell it as many times as you want. I fell in love with this concept.”

Can you tell me more about the benefits of entrepreneurship?
„Sure. As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Another advantage is the ability to start something from scratch. You can turn your vision into reality. Last but not least, you can choose the people you want to work with.”

Could you tell me some negative aspects?
„Yes. The instability is one of them. You don’t know when or if you receive the money. You can lose or you can make profit . Often, the entrepreneurship is associated with a financial distress. The beginning is very challenging because you work alone, you can’t count on your colleagues. At first, I didn’t have an office. I used to work from my campus room.”
We hope that these interviews were useful if you haven’t decided yet what career path to choose. You must discover which road suits you most based on your personality traits.

Author Mihai Cireasa

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How many gas stations are in United States?

Gas Station

In case you are curios about the number of gas stations in United States, we have a study for this. There are about 133,000 gas stations in US. This means 1,900 cars per gas station.

For more information check out our new tool TheWebMiner GEO.

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How many hotels are in United States?


Recently we made a study about number of hotels in US. We have discovered that are 37,000 hotels in United States. This means that we have 8,300 inhabitants per hotel, but obviously the hotels are for tourists. Our math shows that 2,000 tourists go to sit in a hotel on year.

For more geo data you can use our tool

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How to mount an existing EBS to an amazon instance

By existing, I want to say a non empty EBS, a formatted device 🙂

It’s very simple:

1. Use lsblk  command to view all attached devices:

[ec2-user ~]$ lsblk
xvdf 202:80 0 22G 0 disk
xvda1 202:1 0 8G 0 disk /

2. create dir and mount device:

[ec2-user ~]$ sudo mkdir /mnt/my-data
[ec2-user ~]$ sudo mount /dev/xvdf /mnt/my-data

Degree thesis subjects

I saw recently an event at an university in Romania (Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti) that aims to help students to choose the subject for their degree thesis. At this event companies are invited to  present themes in front of students. You will find below a short list of themes related to our industry:

1. Automatic website classification

Possible categories: e-commerce, company website, news/blog, other.

2. Detecting website structure (and representing as a tree)

E.g. The first level of an online store contains main categories, second level sub categories and n level product page. The entire website can be represented as a tree.

3. Logo detection on internet

When detecting logos on a website page there are multiple issues that might occur. For example: many logos in same image, scaled logos.

Please let us know if you want to develop one of the above themes, and we will help you with results of our research.


An Internet filter engine

filterI always thought that companies have needs that are different from those of end users (see classification by target, B2C or B2B). And I think that this hypotheses is also true in internet area. These days I was busy with developing a TheWebMiner Filter and I want to talk in the following lines about internet search.

What is internet searching?

What I understand (and maybe many of you) by search is sorting. Google, Bing and other search engines try hard to find most relative page for our query and results are impressive. A colleague of mine told me that if you describe a movie scenario in a Google search, Google will find the Wikipedia page of movie. But this is an end user point of view.

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