Our year in review

From the very beginning, one of the core services TheWebMiner provided was aggregated data and insight into the mobile app landscape. We managed to offer our clients custom aggregated data for all major mobile app marketplaces (iOS AppStore, Google Play, Amazon AppStore etc.) as well as primary analysis on the extracted data.

Another one of the primary directions for our services, which we developed during 2014 was data including localization details, such as the address, latitude and longitude of various locations, be it restaurants, gas stations or any other places of interest.

Since some of our clients proved interested on monitoring price data on various web stores, we implemented a prototype for a price monitoring application called PriceAlert, which you can access freely on the site. This prototype, while lacking the finishing of an actual product, served both us, as a field test that our insights were correct, and our users, who could test if a complete product would prove useful to them.

Based on PriceAlert, we surmised that there our customers would be interested in an actual product for price monitoring, with more features, greater attention to detail and their specific needs, customer support and a truly scalable architecture. Using what we’ve learned while implementing PriceAlert, we’ve managed to implement and launch our new product ThePriceMiner in a short period of time while ensuring the quality of the user experience.