Data science automates love

Tinder App is nothing new for anybody since most of us slowly accepted it in our lives but it also brings some displeasure. For instance, this guy thought that it can automate the process in the way of an app that decides if you’d like a person and start a conversation.

Automatic scripts have been done before but never this smart, in the past only being able to continuously swipe right and start a conversation. This app is ingenious in the way that it’s learning a specific pattern of people that one likes and identifies such people to swipe right and start a conversation.

For the technical part,  “Tinderbox” combines Eigenface an algorithm for facial recognition implementation and  StanfordNLP algorithm included in a bot responsible with the messaging system, all this having a success rate, as declared by its creator of over 70%.

Besides its main function “Tinderbox” is fitted with a nice interface, allowing you to view statistics, change location or some other nice little features.

tinderbox_dashboardBecause of the facial recognition model used I believe that this is a very ingenious use of data science one that will be very useful in the future social apps.