Why You Need Google Correlate

If you ever try, out of curiosity to join data from your website to other organic searches from search engines related to your field you might discover interesting facts to exploit to your benefit in terms of factors that influence website traffic.

One tool you may use to do so is provided by our old friends at Google: Correlate may not be as popular as AdWords or Analytics but it can help industry just as much.  The whole idea behind correlate is to find all factors that keep a website floating and to consider new searches for expansion. Of course there might be some correlations with weird search terms, like these popular graphs, yet, it does not eliminate the overall relationship between people’s online searches and the organic website traffic. The mechanisms behind Correlate trial work on Google’s courtesy to have recorded in time organic search term queries over the years. They may vary in popularity just as a website’s traffic, and so we can draw some conclusions.




After having seen the correlations we can draw some conclusions on the spot, like focusing more on a certain aspect of content or to raise the budget to a campaign. The tool also filters results after geographical criteria so that the cultural factor to be reduced and SEO decisions to be made correctly.