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AB test with Google Analytics

An AB test it’s a comparison between two versions of the same page (this testing method is often used in online marketing). With this type of test you can measure what version of a page produces more conversions.

Google Analytics has a powerful tool for AB testing. This tool does all parts of AB testing, including visit balancing over versions of pages (distributes visits to each page version), data registering, reporting and decision.

For doing an AB test with Google Analytics you need to do the following steps:

1. Build an alternative page for your original page (page you want to test it)

2. Registering this experiment in Google Analytics section Content/Experiment

3. Put the code of experiment only in the original version of page.

You can find more details here:

RSS feeds on Kindle

When we created the tool for extract main article from a page, we wanted to get an entire article from an URL (URL taken  from RSS feed) not only excerpt.

We tested 4 RSS to Kindle delivery services and all of these are non-intuitive and paid services. This is the reason for we want to build a better service for this need.  Another problem it’s that the most of RSS feeds put on stream only an excerpt of article not entire article. For this reason we created a tool that you can use to extract the main article of a page.

We hope to announce soon an complete service that delivers valuable content on Kindle or another eBook reader.

A tool for main article extraction

Today we announce a new tool for extract main article from a webpage.

For example if we want to extract only article from this page: we put the URL in address field and press enter. It’s very simple 😉 .

The tool can be found here. Will lunch soon an free API for this tool.