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Get ready to adapt your business to the future!




Recently while browsing the internet I’ve stumbled upon an article that captured my whole attention. Articles about how life is going to change in recent future and how technology becomes more and more a part of our lives are easy to find but in this article the accent is put on business development in recent and more distant future in all of its aspects, some of which i want to share with you.

First of all we want to remind that change is mandatory. Maintaining a certain business plan on a company for a long time can only lead to stagnation and in the end, to failure, as seen in the cases of Kodak or more recent Blackberry.

Having these examples we must not fear to embrace new promising technologies and stay ahead of competitors. Job market will evolve also creating new jobs that today sound simply weird like Nostalgist, Simplicity Expert or End of life Therapist. while also replacing more than 2 billion of today’s jobs through Automation.

Coming to the Advertisements sector we can say that revolution already became part of our lives by developing targeting algorithms meant to deliver the best commercials for us and culminating with knowing us better than our closest ones .

There are many to tell about how things are predicted to change in a few decades and we can’s stay ahead of everything but the least we can do is to be prepared, and optimists about change, after all, curiosity is our greatest gift.