Innovation Labs demo day

Ever since I was in high-school I was interested in fresh ideas. Then I went to expo events in Bucharest, our “Silicon Valley”. Later I moved to Bucharest and I went to many informal meetings where many projects are presented. In most cases projects ware personal tech projects with a little business flavor.

This week I went to the Innovation Labs Demo Day. Innovation Labs functions like an accelerator for technical guys. It begins with a hackathon and ends after 3 months with a demo day.

At the presentation I saw some nice ideas like Eskimo, a wearable kneepad that helps (and protects :P) you when you are skiing. A very useful app was Menoo, a mobile app which tries to aggregate menus from all restaurants. Smartstore was another mobile app that puts a social layer over the buying experience. A very desired app but at the same time very hard to implement was “Find That” an app which aims to be Shazam for photos.

These are only some of projects that I remember now but the event was full of new ideas, and very inspirational for me.