2015 retrospective

Only now at the end of 2015 we can realize the magnitude of a whole year and what we managed to accomplish in this time. For us, at TheWebMiner this year was a full one, marked by new experiences, connections, and most important, successful data extractions.

More than that, 2015 was a productive year. After doing an internship with several students from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies we managed to expand our team with one member, a devoted programmer just as passionate about this science as any of us.

Together we are trying to develop our skills and put our minds to work into a new product with a new perspective over the market. Also, by expanding our team a new office was required and so the new office needed a sense of belonging, therefore this year we had some fun by decorating!TWM

More about this you can find on TheWebMiner Facebook page!

Another important story of this year is the sale of ThePriceMiner technology towards the Serbian company WebCentric, an important player on the market with an established place in this industry. WebCentric plans to integrate ThePriceMiner custom algorithms with their existing product, Price2Spy, a permanent monitoring tool for online retailers. 


This year was also important in terms of technology used, PyTask is a proprietary technology of TheWebMiner helping us extract structured data in a scalable and efficient way. You can read more about this technology on the site under Technology section.