Windows 10 is here!



Although it’s only the middle of the summer, big things are happening. On the 29th of July the new windows 10 was launched and by now it’s been online in most of the countries for the early adopters that generating dozens of reviews flooding the internet.

So far so good because what we know by now¬†from the advertising campaigns and from the reviews is that a number of updates are delivered over a short period of time but knowing the history of the company’s latest launches there might be some time until Windows 10 will be available as a safe usable product.

In spite of its imperfections Windows 10 is celebrating its successful launch having more than 14 million installations in the first 24 hours.

However Starting with this product the company’s policy has changed, that being noticeable especially in the minor detail that this is a free product. Rather than selling a one time only product Microsoft has now a different approach, better adapted to the profile of today’s users. Its plan is to distribute the platform and then to exploit systems based on¬†subscription services, microtransactions, and all kinds of other ways it can make money off of you. Another important direction of developing is the Advertising that gets delivered to you in a number of ways through Bing platform. Targeted advertising will have a big role, but that is not the problem because we want to see advertisements that are relevant to us, the problem comes when we question ourselves how much of our information is shared with the producing company, and in Microsoft’s case it seems that personal information will be harvested from any possible source, not very different from a Google type of approach.

As a conclusion, it seems that even if Microsoft has fallen way behind in the race for search market it is making a comeback through its innovative product and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years it would be the biggest competitor for Google.