K-means clustering and why?

You have certainly noticed, even if you are in this business or not, that online marketing has became a science far more complicated than it was a decade ago, and also with a exponential rate of grow. Simply because of the need to keep up with the big corporations, small online companies have become more and more interested into the simple ways of maximizing the profits. One of these ways is to use K-means clustering.

Through this, one can discover hot words that led viewers to its webpage or to analyze the behavior of people browsing through pages of a site. Many other possibilities are available for the K-means but these two are the two most common used in online marketing industry.

The term of K-means refers to the number of average values that can be associated with a certain data domain.. when used with text , k-means can provide a very good way to organize the millions of words used by the customers to describe their visits and so, for marketers to actually determine what the users meant and felt at that certain time.

Once someone did understand what his clients are trying to do, he can adapt on the individual needs of users and suggest new ways that can bring more and more income without neglecting the obviously improvement of his services.