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News: TheWebMiner Geo is our new tool that helps you to find restaurants and other Points Of Interest


Is it magic?

Yes, TheWebMiner team extracts and filters data, in the simplest possible way for you. We think this is magic.

Why do I need it?

You need TheWebMiner when you need data (structured data like a list of items) from different websites which would be very difficult to obtain in absence of an automated mechanism.

TheWebMiner can export extracted data in many formats like SQL, CSV(Comma Separated Values), XML, JSON, Excel or any other format.

You can also obtain additional insight regarding the data through various analytic methods, especially since the data alone might not give you sufficient information for business decisions.

How does it work?

TheWebMiner team uses a series of custom tools which extract data from websites based on a series of initial URL’s and a series of requirements dependent on each client’s needs. Additionally, we have a series of tools for complex analysis of data, be it extracted from a series of websites or supplied by you.

How can I start?

Just send us a message with your project details. You can use contact page.

What if I need something more than what you offer on the site?

You can use the contact page to send us a message with more details and we will send you a reply and an offer.

What if the data I want to extract is placed on several levels of the website?

TheWebMiner can extract data from several levels of a website without any problems.

How fast can the web miner extract data for me?

Depending of the size of the project, the time needed may vary between one and five days. In case of periodic extractions only the first extraction lasts longer.

What happens to the databases after the extraction?

If you require this we delete all our temporary data after the result of the extraction or analysis has been delivered to you.

Do I need a server to perform an extraction?

No, TheWebMiner works on its own multiple servers in order to facilitate a fast extraction.

How much does it cost?

You can see the prices we offer here. If you have a situation that is not covered by our price list or have any questions please send us a message through the contact page. Also there are many free tools and data sets on site.

Can I extract data from the whole internet?

As long as we have a specific list of websites to scrap, we can extract it.

Is it legal?

Yes. TheWebMiner extracts only visible information from websites, automatically.

Do I need technical knowledge to use TheWebMiner?

No, all you have to do is supply us with a link and to tell us what data you want extracted from it and what format you want the results in!