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News: TheWebMiner Geo is our new tool that helps you to find restaurants and other Points Of Interest

Use cases

Use cases represent the typical ways in which having access to the data extracted by us might help you business. They are very important for us, because, by analysing them, we understand what are our customers’ needs in the field of data extraction and how we can help them by improving our services.

Data for content

Get information about a general product

If you have a small online library and you don't have electronic information about all of your books, the worst solution is to read cover for every book and manually input the information. In this situation you can use TheWebMiner to get information like author or ISBN code from a lead web store which offers a large number of products. It's simple!

Get all events in your town

Mark has an event aggregator that shows events from his town which start after a specific hour. TheWebMiner can extract all the relevant events which can then be used by the aggregator.

Auto complete data

A company which develops an app wants to add a select box where user can select the closest gas station. TheWebMiner can deliver entire list with gas stations.


Direct marketing

A business supplies cleaning solutions for swimming pools and is interested in all the contact details (contact person, phone number, email address, website) of hotels who have swimming pools near it or in the country it activates in. With the aid of this data it can then modify its strategy to include direct marketing and/or email marketing (sending services or product offer by email)

Professional contact details

A physician wants to identify all other specialists in his area (be it private physicians or employed by hospitals) in the interest of a possible collaboration. TheWebMiner can extract all of their contact details from hospital/private clinic websites.

Specific leads

A napkins seller wants to quickly find all restaurants from a certain area. We can deliver this database.

Data for analytics

Prices in the market

A small online shop needs to know the prices that are regularly practiced on the market. TheWebMiner can extract the prices from a series of online shops and deliver them in an aggregated form to the customer.

Get information about your market

An online business is interested in seeing how the prices for certain products evolve. TheWebMiner can supply a detailed report every morning in order to facilitate business decisions.

Identify product groups based on customer supplied criteria

An mobile application developer wants to identify the most promising app they can develop. TheWebMiner can supply a cluster analysis of the existent apps grouped by price, category and rating in order to aid them in their decision.

Identify best location

A company is interested in identifying which area it would be most advantageous to open a particular point of service in. TheWebMiner can supply them with geographical data with all the existent businesses in the same field.