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TheWebMiner it’s a company that offers web scraping services and many other data processing solutions.

Web scraping

web sraping

We fulfill your all data needs by offering automation and consulting services in the field of web data extraction. No matter what your requirements are, TheWebMiner can fulfill any expectation, from one time scraping of data for only one site to daily reports about the situation of multiple competitors on the market.

Data processing

We cover data conversion from any format you supply to any format you require, as well as data cleaning such as removal of duplicates and other irrelevant content.

data processing

Data analysis

data analysis

We offer several tiers of data analysis, from extracting statistical indicator to performing complex analysis such as clustering, trend identification etc.

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First of all, I'd recommend TheWebMiner to people who may need similar service like me. I learned TheWebMiner through the Magic Internet. I was looking for some data for my incoming project, then Adrian and his fellows stand out and got the job done. Thank you guys! Looking forward to work more with you in the future. Ronan Zhong, 8Mile Tech